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November 12, 2012
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"Why don't you watch anime anymore?" they ask me.

Answer is simple, it seems I have lost interest for such thing because it was a complete waste of time. Or, it could be the excessive pet peeves I found.

Have anymore suggestions? Help complete this list!

*The stupid one is the strongest

*A bishounen guy that every girl wants

*The whiny, annoying, and overall, mean or otherwise stupid, heroine of a typical shoujo manga.


*fanservice, which I find completely unnecessary

*le crossdresser

*the moe character that's just SO UBER CUTE .-.

*The woman with the ridiculous breast size

*The shy, damsel in distress that everybody wants to shoot with an AK rifle

*The serious guy who you can hit with a giant plank and wouldn't care

*Neko nya~

*~LordOfstamps: I hate those bishies that look EXACTLY like girls. Seriously,what's wrong with men that look like men?

*ZOMBIExBite: Recycled plot themes.
Re-used over. And over. And over again.

*~Warriorsrpgmembah: The high-pressurized blood.

*~ZurithePersistent : The cute nerd character

*~Blood-B0xer: The people have unnatural hair colours.
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Guei-Girl Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
Not to mention a lot of anime and manga reminds me a little too much of angsty Mary Sue fanfiction to be enjoyable.
sonikkuruzu Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The phenotype stereotype (e.g. showing a character is American by giving them blonde hair and blue eyes)
zamorok13 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
another annoying thing is tsundere type females that can launch the main character thousands of feet (even in non super powered anime) yet in any situation other than abusing their friends they are completely useless. and in those super powered anime, the main character will just take her shit despite being however hundreds of times more powerful they are since main characters are ALWAYS over powered
kurohalca Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The fact that most artists' drawing styles follow the same basic "big eyes, unnaturally coloured shiny hair" principle and there are almost no characters who look like their actual ethnicity. I can understand if it's fantasy in a whole different world, but to have a gang of Japanese people with big blue eyes and purple hair etc. is just annoying.

I learn Japanese and am trying to get up to reading novels in the language and was suggested several light novels to read, but no matter who illustrates them they're all in the same darn generic moe style, and if the setting is realistic with no supernatural things going on whatsoever it's really hard to suspend my disbelief when a character is described as having unnaturally coloured hair and eyes.
Trollgirl1996 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The bread in the mouth, the annoying girls, the shit girls do with their finger when they're embarrassed, (no one does that), the annoying high pitched voices from the main characters, the way girls runs, (you know with their arms really close to their torso). NO GIRLS RUNS LIKE THAT, not even the girliest of girls. And there's more.
TheFluffyRaptor Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Student General Artist
They literally are neotenic creatures xD
Planken Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
When their heads become damn large....And or they become like dolls. I just cant stand it....
Horrorandfantasy Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
I have a love/hate thing when it comes to anime.

I like some of it and some of it i hate.

I have nothing wrong with girly men , but why make them look like girls.
Chibifangirl01 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Somethings that you listed I don't mind, but thats just me. I like fanservice, because I have a dirty mind. However I find it really strange if the charcters a pre-pubesant as in girls haven't gotten their period yet or guys that don't even know what sex is. (I'm looking at you Nanoha, and Negima) If the fanservice is appropriate then I consider it acceptable. I don't like "We have to make a panty shot every ten secconds or the audience will get bored." (Rosario+Vampire) Because that is called senseless fanservice. Also what bothers me is thigh high skirts, are you trying to get your panties shown or are schools in Japan just strange? I've seen real school girl unifroms in REAL japan and they are not that short.

Physical appearance I don't mind too much. I don't like most moes because there is 90% no plot except lets make it cute. I don't mind weird hair colors though. Its anime, its not real life. A hair color in anime is symbolism instead of cheesy artwork. Sakura Haruno who has pink hair represents the naive girly girl, Nadoka Miyazaki has purple hair and represents the timid girl who hides herself from society. Asa Shigure has green hair and represents an ubeat friendly and motherly character as well as a tomboy who flirts with the male lead.

Shyness I don't mind either. I have never ran into a character that was so shy it was annoying. Now there is one character who is socially awkward and annoying her name is Chisame from Negima. I don't like her not because she is distant, but she is a bitch and doesn't clean up her personality. I'm glad she isn't a main character.

Bishonens and bitchy main heroines are annoying. Big boobed lady doesn't bother me that much. Why? Its character and not appearance that matters to make a character good. Tsunade from Naruto is a great character and her rack is huge. Blair from Soul Eater may seem like a slut but she isn't. She is just too fun to actually want sex. I don't think she would rape a minor like Kid or Soul. Now if the anime is based on boob size (Eiken) then I find it annoying.

What bothers me in most anime is a common problem in Magical Girls, they are all the same, not counting Madoka because it doesn't have that sterotype. We have the stupid leader, the cold girl, the hot head, the shy girl, and the girl who didn't take her ADD medication this morning. (Pudding from Tokyo Mew Mew) Or in the Sailor Moon's anime's case, they have no personality that are different besides Usagi's stupidity.
SinfulHeaven Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Hey, I learned some life lessons from watching anime. Mosty of the martial arts variety:

+ All americans are blonde, regardless of your race/skin color
+ Ninja are obligated to keeping themselves unmasked and give strangers full information about themselves...Even though as a ninja giving yourself away is a great way to get captured by a rival ninja clan where you'll be interrogated and tortured.
+ Martial arts mastery requires fierce conditioning and years of which you'll accomplish in a few days, even though there are smarter, stronger, and more hardworking fighters around you that would've done your training method had it been a legit viable option.
+ Being "stronger" automatically means that you are also faster and have superior reflexes. Technique? FUCK THAT.
+ Everyone who matters can transform.
+ No matter how badly someone is bludgeoned to death, they will still look good enough to have an open casket funeral.
+ Anytime you go apeshit and tear people up a young girl will be crying as they hug you from behind begging you to stop.
+ The cool guy hates it when they have a bunch of girls all over him...even though if he seriously wanted to be left alone he would just tell them to fuck off.
+ In an argument, whoever can win in a fist fight is the one who is right, because civility never solved anything.
+ Bad guys' strength determines how evil they are. A godlike jaywalker is far more evil than mere-moral puppy kicker.
+ Big guys are always weak...except for Broly.
+ When you fight your rival/nemesis, you're going to get at least one flashback during combat.
+ Full-on speeches in a middle of a fight are A-okay, because that wouldn't be a waste of your breath which would make your attacks and movements weaker due to the lack of breath over time.
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